Without a local, online focus, your business could barely be treading water in a sea of competitors, both those near you and those around the globe. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the Internet is a huge universe – get found today with Design N Rank.

Meta Tags Optimization

Design N Rank’s signature Boost Local service starts with your meta tags, which are simply instructions that tell search engines what your site is about. By improving meta tags to include location names and your business keywords, we’re helping Google learn more about you.

As robots crawl and index these meta tags, the benefit is that when someone searches for your industry in your town, your business will rise to the top.

Keyword Density Optimization

Back in the wild west of the Internet, page ranking was based primarily on how many keywords you could stuff on a page. Nowadays, we’re more civilized and the big search engines use complicated algorithms to determine where your site should rank.

Our Boost Local service makes sure that your site is using just the right amount of a varied selection of keywords for powerful latent semantic indexing (LSI).

URL Optimization

Look up at your browser’s address bar. See how the address text describes what you’ll find on the page. Not all websites work that way and the truth is that having a long line of gibberish or numbers will make it that much harder for search engines and potential customers to visit you online.

We’ll do a page-by-page analysis of all your site’s URLs to ensure that the right format, text, and business-specific keywords are being used.

Image Optimization

If you think an image on your site is just a pretty picture, think again. Each image or visual content on your site has tags in the code. These are, yet again, another way to help the search engines learn more about your page and return valuable results to those looking for what you do.

As with the URL Optimization, Boost Local also identifies missing or less-than-perfect image tags and turns them into quality search engine indicators.

Robots.txt Creation

It may sound like science fiction, but your site’s robots.txt file is important today, not years in the future. Despite the fancy name, the robots.txt file is actually quite simple – it gives detailed information to search engine robots about which of your site’s pages to visit and what to look for.

With Boost Local, Design N Rank will create a custom robots.txt file for your site that pinpoints exactly which pages the robots should see.

Sitemap Creation and Submission

As the name might imply, a sitemap is exactly that – a complete map of all the pages that comprise your business’s website. The reason why it’s useful is, like many of the services above, it gives more information to the search engines about who you are and every bit of data helps.

Part of the complete Boost Local package, our Sitemap Creation and Submission not only creates the map, but also sends it to Google and other sites.

Traffic Analytics

Like most business owners, you’ll want to see who’s coming to your site and how your advertising campaigns are performing. Design N Rank will help you set up the perfect analytics system for gathering traffic data and understanding what it means.

Your Traffic Analytics will give you valuable insight into which keywords are bringing your customers, site visit duration, and other important metrics.

Citations Submission

Because Design N Rank is committed to full local discovery for your business, we also offer Citations Submission as a Boost Local service. Essentially, every time an article, comment, or other online mention of your company appears, it’s a citation and affects your local ranking.

What we do with our Citations Submission service is make sure that these citations make it to high traffic sites for higher visibility and increased rank.

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