At Design N Rank, we’ve built what we believe is the best possible process for new site design and construction. From start to finish, you’ll have every opportunity to add your own input and work with our design team to develop the exact site you want.


After you sign up, you will get a call from one of our CS agents officially welcoming you aboard our company. You can clarify any further requirements here. Read More

During this initial call, we’ll sketch out what your business needs, the services we offer, and how we put the two together into a complete package. In addition, we’ll find out what you want to achieve with your new website and include your input into our creative building and editing. By listening well, we’re able to deliver the exact website you want to help your business grow.


Our web devs will be hard at working putting together your website making sure it closely reflects your business needs. Read More

This stage is where our creative juices start flowing and we combine your content like photos, text, and videos with our talented design skills. Going back and forth to make sure you’re satisfied with every last detail, we won’t be happy until we have a site that you truly believe reflects your personal business value and that you’ll be proud to show off to your customers.


We launch your website! Your website will go live for the world to see.
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After we finish constructing your site, it’s time to get it out there and set it free. While you start getting your first clients through your new site, we’ll be busy improving your connection to the greater online world. This means site submission to search engines like Google and other discovery techniques. It’s a big day – feel free to throw a launch party and celebrate the occasion!


Our agent will contact you again to make sure everything is to your liking.
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Design N Rank is not the kind of company to disappear into the night after we’ve done the job. Instead, we want to build long-term relationships with our clients and that starts with a simple call to make sure you like everything about your site. We’re proud to be your partner and happy to answer any calls you have about online marketing, getting found on search engines, or anything else.

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