Step 1:The Booster Shot

Before spending money on ads, we reach out to your existing database to create instant sales and appointments.

This adds $10-$30K in immediate cash flow that you can use to fuel the rest of your marketing. Instead of waiting months for an ROI, you’ll see it within the first two weeks.

Step 2: The Social Funnel

We then reinvest the profits from your Booster Shot into social media advertising.

Since we only work with Medical Spas, we know how to create campaigns that actually work.

Want to dominate your local market? This is where you can really put your foot on the gas and accelerate your growth using paid ads.

Step 3: The Patient Concierge

Our secret sauce. We have a team of real people (not bots) who will follow up with ALL inquiries to turn them into appointments.

This results in more appointments and revenue while creating LESS work for staff.

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Modify the values below to see just how much return on your investment you will get with our Fully Booked Campaign.




Appointments Booked

Appointments Showed

Appointments Closed

Expected Monthly Revenue

Expected Total Lifetime Value