Google Ads & PPC Management Services

Savvy marketers will tell you that there’s both an art and a science in creating an advertising campaign.

And when you want the best of both worlds, Design N Rank is the perfect blend. We use extensive metrics, constant data analysis, and elegantly written copy to build a PPC campaign that drives more clicks AND converts your site visitors to actual customers.


PPC Marketing By the Numbers

Connecting to your potential customers with AdWords and PPC campaigns is absolutely essential in today’s world. Just look at these numbers:


Only 7% of clicks reach the 3rd page – PPC puts you on top!


PPC ads raise your brand awareness by up to 46%.


80% of PPC ad campaigns use Google AdWords.


52% of people who click your PPC ad will call your business.

Make Every Click Count!

Your business deserves more than subpar online marketing. Join the family of satisfied Design N Rank clients and let us build you a custom PPC campaign that delivers a real return on your investment.

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Number of clicks

Number of leads


Value of a lead

Expected Revenue

Expected Profit



* Setup Fee includes: Includes the initial full build-out of the account: Keyword Analysis/Research, Account Creation, Google Ads Campaign Configuration, Ad Groups Setup, Keyword Selections, Ads Copywriting, Conversion/Analytics Tracking